SANBlaze Launches ATCA2000 SSD Blade Featuring 6 Terabytes (TB) Networked Flash

-- SANBlaze revolutionizes the bandwidth and capacity achievable with a single ATCA slot --

Maynard, MA, September 19, 2011 – SANBlaze Technology, Inc., a leading provider of embedded storage and computing solutions, today announced the latest addition to the ATCA2000 Family of Storage Blades.  The ATCA2000 SSD Blade with networked flash revolutionizes the bandwidth and capacity achievable with a single ATCA slot. With up to 6TB of solid state flash storage capacity, it boasts 1500MB/s of sustained backplane bandwidth, high IOPS (25,000) and low latency.

The blade provides slots for up to ten (10) ten 2.5” hot swappable, enterprise class SSD (solid state drives), using MLC, eMLC or SLC based flash chips.  It is protected with a sophisticated hardware RAID engine that boasts an independent 1GB battery protected cache.  Expansion to 20 disks is accomplished by pairing with a JBOD blade installed in an adjacent slot.

“The ATCA2000 puts large pools of networked flash storage in the ATCA chassis to eliminate I/O bottlenecks and deliver astounding performance for applications that require high IOPS/GB and/or low response times, such as server virtualization, database and video media delivery,” stated Steve Looby, Director of Product Marketing at SANBlaze.

The ATCA2000 SSD Blade enables dynamic expansion and re-allocation of flash capacity. Also, SSD drives can be mixed with rotating drives, to build hybrid storage solutions. The blade enables a fully homogenous ATCA deployment, with all the benefits therein: low power, ruggedness, reliability, and interoperable modularity.

The ATCA2000 SSD Blade eliminates the cost, space, management and power requirements of an external storage device without losing any functionality and performance. The ATCA2000 improves system MTBF, system performance and system capacity, in a single slot ATCA footprint.

About SANBlaze
SANBlaze Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of storage, networking and multifunction solutions for embedded systems and a pioneer in SAN Emulation technologies. SANBlaze embedded computing products include a complete ecosystem of ATCA storage blades, AMC and PMC storage and networking controllers and modules and a growing line of multifunction RTMs for ATCA blades. Additionally, the company provides fully configured and integrated ATCA systems and services. These products are sold directly to customers in the Telecom, Defense and medical industries, as well as through OEMs.