PCIe 2D Video, Dual VGA, Dual DVI


The SANBlaze SB-AMC80 is an AdvancedMC module featuring a PCI-express Video Controller with MMC support logic. Consuming only one AMC slot, the highly integrated combination provides embedded systems designers the ability to add a low power video head to systems which do not have native video support. The SB-AMC80 is offered as a single-width AMC, with ship options for mid or full height AMC panels.

Technical Specifications

  • AMC.0 rev.2 front panel compliant

  • AMC.1 rev.2 PCI express signaling

  • PCI Express x1

  • Low Power <1.5W

  • DGraphic Engine y, high throughpual VGA/DVI support

  • DMS-59 Front Panel Connector

  • Up to 1920×1440 Resolution

  • 128-bit 2D Graphic Engine

  • Front panel status LEDs

  • RoHS Compliant

  • Integrated IPMI


  • AMC Video for MicroTCA

  • ATCA, In chassis embedded video systems requiring basic video head

Supporting Files

Data Sheet

SANBlaze AMC80 Data Sheet


Embedded Catalog

Download Embedded Catalog


Additional Downloads


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