4x 1G Copper Switch


The SB-AMC1G-4C is a single-width, mid-height AdvancedMC Ethernet switch with four 10/100/1000Base-Tports on the faceplate, one 1G port selectable between port 0 of the AMC connector (Common Options region or Base) and port 8 of the AMC connector (Fat pipe region or Fabric). It features line-rate, wire-speed switching on all 5 ports. The SB-AMC1G-4C can be used in AMC carriers or μTCA shelves, and complements SANBlaze’s SB-ATS1936 ATCA Ethernet switch particularly well.

Technical Specifications

  • Single-width, Mid-height AdvancedMC Module

  • Line-rate, wire-speed performance on all ports

  • Four 10/100/1000Base-T copper RJ45 Ethernet ports

  • One 1G Ethernet port to AMC connector

  • A user switch to select between port 0 and port 8

  • Unmanaged operation

  • Full Module Management Controller (MMC)

  • Based on Broadcom BCM53115M

Supporting Files


SANBlaze AMC1G4C Installation and Use


Data Sheets

SANBlaze AMC1G4C Data Sheet


Embedded Catalog

Download Embedded Catalog


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