Custom Hardware Services

We view our current product line as design blocks to use for a customer’s requirements, if one of our existing products does not meet the specific needs of that customer.

In some instances, our existing Rear Transition Module (RTM) functionality is what a customer needs, but they require the RTM to interface to a specific vendors ATCA® compute blade. In this instance, we can “spin” the design to that vendors specific RTM interface, and then test interoperability for both hardware and software, ensuring seamless integration and deployment.






In other engagements, an existing AMC or RTM card may be close to the customers requirement, but they want another Ethernet port, or a removable SSD drive. In these instances, SANBlaze can design and manufacture a custom solution.

Our proven One–List methodology provides the outline for our engagement, and has been used many times to provide customers specific hardware to meet their storage, networking, or IO functionality needs.

OEM Branding Services

System Integration

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