Advanced TCA Blades

SANBlaze has a complete line of AdvancedTCA blades providing building blocks for ATCA system designers. ATCA blades include compute, storage and switching solutions. Click on the blade you are interested in for more information.

SB-ATAC2000 ATCA® 10Gb RAID Storage Blade

SB-ATCA2020 ATCA® 6Gb SAS/SATA JBOD Storage Blade

SB-HDA21™ Storage Carrier, SAS, SATA or SSD Storage Blade

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-ATS1936 ATCA® 10G Switch Network Blade

SB-ATCA7300 ATCA® Intel® Server Blade Compute Blade


The SANBlaze AMC product family provides the widest selection of storage options available in the AMC market today. SANBlaze storage modules support multiple hard drive interfaces, capacities, technologies and AMC form factors, meeting the storage requirements of any MicroTCA or AdvancedTCA designs at a variety of price/performance levels.

When storage requirements dictate connectivity to external storage resources, SANBlaze storage controller AMCs are available. For networking applications 1G and 10G Ethernet controllers are available. In some instances, multiple functions such as storage and networking are combined on a single AMC card maximizing system real estate to provide unique cost, slot and power saving mezzanine solutions.

Click on the module you are interested in for more information.

SB-AMC 30 NVMe Disk Drive Storage Module

SB-AMC 68 SAS/SATA/SSD Storage Module

SB-AMC 80 PCIe 2D Dual VGA, Dual DVI Video Module

Contact Us

Contact Us

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EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMC 1G 4C 4 x 1C Copper Switch Network Module

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMC 58 Dual 10Gb Ethernet Controller Network Module

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMC 59 Quad Gigabit Ethernet Network Module

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMC 71 PCI Express Gen2 SAS Controller w/ Disk Storage Module

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMCLVT-2 Ethernet Video Module

EOL (call us)

EOL (call us)

SB-AMC LED001 Port Status LED I/O Module

Rear Transition Modules

SANBlaze has developed a growing line of Rear Transition Modules (RTM) that provide storage, networking and external I/O accessibility and expansion. Though primarily conceived to support SANBlaze ATCA storage carriers, these RTMs can be used or easily adapted to work with ATCA blades from most leading ATCA compute and packet processing vendors. Customization services are available to adapt these RTMs to any unsupported vendor ATCA blade.

Additionally custom RTMs can be made by combining the functions on any of our production RTMs to produce a custom solution to fit a specific system requirement.

Click on the blade you are interested in for more information.

SB-HDA20™ Storage Carrier for RTMs SAS & SSD (Storage)

SB-RTM436 RTM w/ 6Gb SAS Expander with 2 Disks (Storage)

SB-RTM415 RTM w/ Video, SAS, USB, Disk and Ethernet I/O (Multifunction)

SB-RTM440 RTM with 10 Ethernet ports for Radisys ATCA Blades (Network)

EOL (call us)

SB-RTM1936-SFP RTM with SB-ATS1936 optical (Network)

SB-RTM403 RTM with I/O Expansion PCI/SAS module (PCI & I/O)

SB-RTM404 RTM with PCI Express Cable Driver (PCI & I/O)

Embedded Platforms

SANBlaze architects, configures and delivers ATCA Blade Server based embedded platforms to meet the computing needs of our partners in the Telecommunication and Military Industries. Our IPV family integrates compute, networking and storage blades to provide purpose built systems in a carrier grade platform. Multiple OS options, including Solaris, Windows, VMware or Carrier Grade Linux integrated with best-in-class processor blades combine to make truly flexible, open, scalable and multi-architecture platform.

While ATCA is an open architecture, the integration of multivendor blades, Shelf managers, operating systems and related drivers can be quite complex at times. SANBlaze integration expertise and engineering depth, both with hardware and software, combined with our technical partnerships with other ATCA vendors, allows us to provide application ready platforms for customers to load their applications on and deploy faster and reliable solutions.


6 slot ATCA chassis, with 10Gb backplane

  • 10GbE ATCA chassis

  • Choice of SPARC and X86 processors

  • Multiple in-chassis storage options

  • 8-32GB DDR per processor

  • PICMG 3.1, Rev 2.0 (ATCA Ethernet)

  • Numerous RTM choices

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