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SANBlaze Announces SRIS/SRNS Clocking Support

LITTLETON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SANBlaze Technology, Inc., the leader in NVMe test platforms, announced today that its SBExpress-RM4 NVMe test platform now supports SRIS/SRNS clock testing, incorporating Spread Spectrum (SSC) and standard clocking and providing a means of testing NVMe drives with all six possible clocking modes. SSD manufacturers can now validate all modes of clocking: independent or common clock, with or without SSC, on a single platform.

SANBlaze Announces SRIS/SRNS Clocking Support for NVMe Drives.


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“SSD Drive Manufacturers need to verify that their NVMe drives can support the multiple clock schemes that can be present on a host system, and until now have had to rely on multiple test systems to verify each possible clocking mode. This is prohibitively expensive, and hard to manage,” said Vince Asbridge, Founder and President, SANBlaze. “With the speed of PCIe now at Gen4, a system designed for and proven stable at Gen4 clock speeds with switchable clocking schemes is the only way to verify your NVMe device will work in any of the possible clocking environments seen in the field.”

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With SANBlaze’s new offering of SRIS/SRNS support, SSD manufacturers now have a simple solution to this complex problem by using the SANBlaze SBExpress-RM4 (Gen4) test platform with clock testing built right into the system. This saves SSD manufacturers time and costly test runs while ensuring drives are confidently shipped to customers in a compliant and well-tested state. Coupled with the Certified by SANBlaze suite of automated tests, the SBExpress-RM4 gives drive vendors the confidence that their NVMe drives will perform correctly, and gives the end user confidence that the drive has undergone rigorous qualification under the "Certified by SANBlaze" program.

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