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SANBlaze Releases OCP Testing and Major Updates to NVMe Test Suite

Comprehensive Upgrades Include OCP 1.0a Scripts and Low Power Sub-States Validation in Latest Version 10.5

Littleton, MA, USA — April 07, 2023 SANBlaze Technology Inc., a leading worldwide provider of advanced storage test and validation technologies, today released major enhancements to its widely adopted NVMe qualification platform. The company’s Certified by SANBlaze test suite update, available via versions 10.5 and 10.5.1, now supports all aspects of NVMe qualification with the addition of Open Compute Project (OCP) 1.0a and Low Power Sub-states validation. Advanced capabilities also include PCIe Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), ZNS, VDM, TCG, SRIS/SRNS clocking, OPAL, and T10/DIF.  A variety of updates for APIs and Linux are included.

SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5 PCIe NVMe SSD Test System

Open Compute Project (OCP) 1.0a Support

The Open Compute Project (OCP) was formed to quicken innovation for open source hardware solutions in hyper-scale data center environments. OCP requires that Solid State Storage Drives (SSDs) adhere to the OCP’s NVMe Cloud SSD Specification v1.0 or the newer Datacenter NVMe SSD specification v2.0.

SANBlaze provides built-in software for testing an OCP drive, which must be tested to a minimum standard above and beyond the standard mandatory NVMe features, as well as specifying minimum reliability, thermal, endurance, management, and form factor requirements. OCP specs may be found at


Low Power Sub-States Validation

SANBlaze SBExpress and the Certified by SANBlaze test methodology have greatly simplified qualification of PCIe NVMe devices by providing a simple means of creating complex test suites, validating specification compliance, data integrity, power and reset testing, MI compliance, and now, low power sub-states.

With Version 10.5 of the Certified by SANBlaze test suite, SANBlaze has introduced a suite of tests designed to verify the operation of NVMe devices in the ultra-low power sub-states L1.1 and L1.2.

“L1.x sub-state testing presents a unique but crucial challenge for producers of NVMe devices destined for use in battery powered devices such as tablets and laptops,” said Vince Asbridge, CEO and Director of Engineering, SANBlaze. “These devices will greatly benefit from the new power sub-states which trade a little PCIe latency for the lowest possible power consumption.”

The fundamental difference, with respect to L1.x sub-states, is the use of an out-of-band signal to indicate
to the device to "wake back up". The use of an out-of-band signal allows the device to achieve a near zero power consumption state by powering down its transceivers completely and monitoring only the level of the CLKREQ# out-of-band signal.

Broad Range of Updates

The following features are highlighted in this release:

  • OCP 1.0a Validation Testing

  • Automated low power sub-state support for client-based power testing

    • ASPM

    • LTSSM

    • PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4

  • PLN/PLA support for M.2 adapters

  • Dual-port test cases added to SBCert

  • NVMe-oF™ specification updates

Other features include:

  • SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization)

  • Comprehensive Python API for integration into existing test infrastructure

  • MI in-band testing

  • MI/VDM error injection (manipulation of the PCIe VDM header)

  • Linux distribution upgrade for IT security

  • Ability to specify an interpacket delay in multi-packet MI request commands

  • TCP/IP NVMe fabric up to 200G

  • Discovery Information Registration and Discovery Information De-Registration for Centralized Discovery
    for IP-based Fabrics

  • SGL error injection

  • T10 DIF error injection

  • Script editor capability from the GUI 

“Certified by SANBlaze, the most robust test suite now being recognized and adopted by major SSD manufacturers and system OEMs, has become even more valuable with the addition of OCP 1.0a and low power sub-state testing,” said Rick Walsh, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing at SANBlaze. “With low-power sub-state client SSD testing used in tablets and laptops, and the latest OCP 1.0a test and validation scripts, we continue to offer a robust certification test suite that the storage market relies upon.”

​​Availability and Product Information

To download the new software visit  Whitepapers that detail testing of Low Power Sub-states, NVMe-MI over PCIe VDM, and verification for NVMe SSDs (Python support), ZNS, and TCG/Opal SSC are available at

​​About SANBlaze

​​​SANBlaze is a pioneer in storage testing and validation technologies.  SANBlaze systems are deployed in the test and development labs of most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide.​  SANBlaze is revolutionizing the NVMe SAN and PCIe device qualification markets by offering NVMe testing end-to-end.  We are first to market with a solution that tests native NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) for complete end-to-end testing of your entire system, using single-port or dual-port drives.

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