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For over 10 years, with 1000’s of emulated ports deployed in companies throughout the world, SANBlaze emulation products are:

Storage and computing hardware and software companies, datacenter analytics and management vendors, datacenter architects and software defined storage vendors have all found applications where emulation has proven to be an invaluable addition to their environment. Here are some solutions and use cases:

Storage/Server Hardware and Software Products

SANBlaze products are used in many applications at storage and computer companies worldwide, meeting requirements in product development, across multiple test and QA disciplines and in technical marketing applications.

Software Defined Storage Companies

This new class of companies and products virtualize storage assets and present them in a whole new way versus historic SAN architectures. Yet, the same development and test challenges exist for these solutions in terms of error handling, scalability and performance. SDS companies are using SANBlaze solutions to help product development and delivery.

VMware Product Development

The rich ecosystem of companies that develop products to work in a VMware environment need to make sure that their products can interoperate with storage that implements the latest, powerful VMware storage API’s. SANBlaze products implement all of these, and provide a unique product development environment for VMWare partners to test/run their applications in simulated environments that fully implement VMware storage extensions such as VAAI and VVOL.

Enterprise Storage/Data center Architects

SANBlaze’s Class of Storage Emulation delivers the ability to simulate different classes of storage based on performance and function, allowing datacenter architects to change target storage environments with a click of a mouse. Pre-deployment application performance modeling and any number of “what if” scenarios can be run, without the expense, complexity and overhead of real storage systems.

  • Saving companies millions of dollars of CAPEX

  • Speeding up development and QA processes

  • Identifying and solving complex product issues

  • Helping companies provide better products

  • Providing easy to deploy, scalable solutions
    addressing a large range of use cases

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