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iRiser5 Device

Patented iRiser5 for Precision Control and Measurement



iRiser5 Device

iRiser5 Quick Start

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Quality Teams Can Now Design Specifically Tailored
Test Scenarios

The iRiser5 device brings precise signal control and measurement to Gen5 PCIe NVMe testing with the SANBlaze SBexpress-DT5 and SBExpress-RM5 PCIe NVMe test systems.

The patented SANBlaze iRiser5 can monitor drive power at up to 1M samples per second, giving near real-time power response as drives come online and handle resets or power cycles.

Signals under control are timed at an 80nS interval in relation to each other, giving the user ultimate control over complex testing scenarios, such as a drive reset at a specific time after power is asserted.

The iRiser5 operates seamlessly with the SANBlaze standard riser capabilities, such as SRIS and Power state testing, losing no functionality with the addition of the iRiser5 as an initial purchase, or post purchase as a hardware upgrade.


iRiser5 Glitching

Gen5 PCIe lanes are under control of the iRiser5 and can be "glitched" as fast as 10nS allowing for intentional error injection on PCIe.  PCIe lanes can be enabled and disabled under software control such that tests can be designed to disable any or all of the four lanes connected to the NVMe device to test the response to actual failures of the PCIe subsystem.

SBExpress-DT5 and SBExpress-RM5 PCIe NVMe Test Systems
SANBlaze Software IP

SANBlaze’s V10.7 software package incorporates multiple new Certified by SANBlaze test suites, including FDP and OCP, other important updates, and customer-requested enhancements. The Certified by SANBlaze test suite runs on SANBlaze hardware, including the SBExpress-RM5 PCIe 5.0 NVMe Rackmount test system and the SBExpress-DT5 PCIe 5.0 NVMe Desktop test system.

iRiser Technology

The SBExpress-RM5 (rackmount) 16-drive test system and the SBExpress-DT5 (desktop) test system both employ SANBlaze’s proprietary riser technology and conveniently use the same set of NVMe PCIe 5.0 risers. All SANBlaze risers are capable of single- and dual-port operation and can switch on-the-fly under software control.  Risers are available for all NVMe form factors at PCIe 5.0 speed. The iRiser5 fits seamlessly into the existing riser configuration with no loss of functionality.

Features of iRiser5

In addition to supporting the above, iRiser 5 includes these additional features:

  • Precision control of PCIe/NVMe power and control signals while continuously monitoring the power of each device under test (DUT)

  • A sequence of events can be scheduled on each signal line with up to 10 nanoseconds (nS) glitch precision, with each event action loading at 80nS interval to hours.

  • Simple or complex sequences can be defined and loaded to iRiser from the host system.


Capabilities are Ideal for Broad Variety of Teams


The Certified by SANBlaze software, the SBExpress-RM5, and the SBExpress-DT5 prove useful for a wide variety of teams, including firmware, manufacturing, development engineers, systems engineers, and field application engineers.  Analysis tasks are easily automated with built-in error detection triggering, leading to fast and accurate problem resolution.

SANBlaze 03A copy.png

SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5 Gen5 PCIe NVMe Test System

SANBlaze SBExpress-RM5 Gen5 PCIe NVMe Test System

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