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 Certified by SANBlaze

certified by sanblaze runnning tests wit

With the Certified by SANBlaze program NVMe SSD Manufacturers can run a series of automated tests to determine if their drives are running correctly and that they are complaint with the latest specs. Alerts of Failures or Warnings are shown if one or more drives is not behaving the way that it should, allowing for the quick diagnosing of any problems before the drives go out into the field.

The Certified by SANBlaze tests are bundled with the software when customers purchase a Gen 4 SANBlaze SBExpress-RM/RM4 or an SBExpress-DT4 desk top unit. You simply choose the tests you want to perform, add them to the test bed, and click Start. The Certified by SANBlaze software does the rest, reporting the results in real-time and in beautifully created reports.

Certified by SANBlaze is a mark of confidence that the drives undergoing testing have passed the most stringent quality assurance and compliance testing for NVMe SSD drives.

For more information, or to speak with a Sales representative, contact SANBlaze.

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