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PCIe® Gen5 NVMe Test System

SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5


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SBExpress-DT5 (Desktop Gen5) NVMe Test System

The SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5 (Desktop, Gen5) is a complete turnkey PCIe® Gen5 NVMe SSD validation test system. With industry leading Certified by SANBlaze automated testing, the SBExpress-DT5 brings Enterprise Class NVMe validation to the developer's desktop.


The DT5 is 100% Software Compatible with the SBExpress-RM5 sixteen device system. The DT5 provides features —formerly the exclusive domain of the qualification and incoming inspection teams — right to the engineer's desk. Using the same Single/Dual Port U.2, M.2, and EDSFF/E3 risers as the 16-bay rack mount system, the desk top DT5 packs the same enterprise class features including ZNS,Opal/Ruby, SRIS, Specification Validation, Power Control, Automated Scripting and Python, XML and REST APIs as its big sister the RM5.

The “out-of-the-box” Certified by SANBlaze test suite, or tests highly customized by your qualification team or a customer's inbound inspection team, can be run on the engineer's desk providing a huge time-to-market advantage in finding issues before they leave your workstation. Quiet enough for remote locations, the DT5 is perfect for your "work at home" environment or to take directly to your customer.


A complete system, fully self-contained, the DT5 can be set up,configured, and testing NVMe devices in under five minutes.

S Y S T E M  F E A T U R E S


  • Enterprise class NVMe qualification in a desktop enclosure

  • 100% compatible with SBExpress-RM5 for "Prototype to Production" scaling

  • Priced for individual user, low overall cost of ownership

  • Plug and Play, testing in under five minutes

  • Quiet enough for home, capable enough for the Enterprise

  • Slots 0, 1, 2 Gen4 Riser; options for U.2, EDSFF/E3

  • M.2/EDSFF

  • Slot 3, PCIe x8Slot 4, EDSFF (long) support built-in

  • Slot 5, M.2 (on Motherboard) Dual/Single Port selectable

  • Fan speed control

  • Power up/down testing each device

  • PERST (reset) and HotPlug on each device

  • Power measuring all slots

  • Voltage margining +/- 15%

  • SRIS support and built in tests (optional)

  • Surprise/Graceful removal testing

  • VDM (optional)

  • SMBus and In-Band MI testing

  • FW download via VDM, SMBus and In-Band

  • Gen4 TLP/DLLP/Receive Error monitoring for PCIe Gen5 validation

  • LTSSM monitoring for each device

  • AC Input 100-127 Vac/200-240Vac

  • Max 7A at 100V

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