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End-to-End Data Protection Testing with SANBlaze

By Nick Quigley | July 18, 2018 | SANBlaze |

One of the more critical features for enterprise deployments of NVMe SSDs is end-to-end data protection. NVMe has leveraged the SCSI Protection Information (PI) model to implement this feature. SANBlaze enables customers to validate the full scope of functionality associated with this mechanism by supporting:

  • DIF and DIX

  • Type 0/1/2/3 protection types

  • All block and metadata sizes

  • Configurable PRINFO setting on a per IO basis

SANBlaze also provides the ability to generate IOs with incorrect T10 Guard, Reference, or Application Tags to allow for configurable negative testing scenarios.

T10 DIF Errors

Furthermore, the full suite of test capabilities provided by the SANBlaze NVMe Initiator are still available when devices are formatted with PI, so a user can easily execute any existing validation and performance test cases regardless of the PI setting.

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