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Fabric Network Performance Notification (FPIN)

Updated: May 7, 2023

By: Patty Brogdon | April 24, 2023 | SANBlaze

Network congestion is a problem in data networks that can impact the performance of the network. Identifying the source of the congestion and mitigating it can be a difficult task.

To help address network congestion, Fabric Performance Impact Notifications (FPINs) are defined to help identify types and sources of congestion and allow the receivers of the information to act in a manner to mitigate the congestion.

To allow debug of sending and receiving FPINs, the SANBlaze solution provides mechanisms to allow FPINs with various notifications in the payload to be sent to the Fabric Controller and specified N_PORTs. The solution also allows for the receiving FPINs. Logging and tracing will be provided for any FPIN received or sent. In addition, counters are provided for the notifications contained in the FPINs which are sent or received. The solution also allows viewing of the notifications contained within the FPINs sent and received.

For detailed information, download our free white paper on FPIN validation here:

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