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Python API from SANBlaze

Did you know that SANBlaze has a comprehensive Python Application Programming Interface (API) for our SBExpress NVMe test system? The Python API makes integration of the SANBlaze system into an existing test infrastructure a piece of cake.

SANBlaze offers one Python package that does not require any modifications to your local python configuration for integration or operation.

The Python package provides a group of classes to control all functions of the SBExpress system including functions such as Power Control, Power Measurement, Hot Plug, Surprise Removal, Graceful Removal, PCIe Speed Training, Slot Information, NVMe command pass-through, namespace management, MI management, and more.

Supporting both Python2.x and Python3.x, the SANBlaze Python API can be integrated into your existing test system with minimal changes, providing a powerful tool for NVMe validation. Coupled with the SBExpress hardware and the Certified by SANBlaze test infrastructure, the Python API enables all features of the SBExpress system in your own test environment, including power resets, power cycling, VDM, ZNS, and Opal TCG testing.

Check out our free Python white paper to learn more, or contact SANBlaze sales at: to download the Python API for the SANBlaze SBExpress NVMe Test System.

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