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Testing Power Consumption on NVMe Devices

By: Patty Brogdon | March 2, 2023 | SANBlaze

With Version 10.5 of the Certified by SANBlaze test suite, SANBlaze is introducing a suite of tests designed to verify the operation of NVMe devices in the ultra low power sub-states L1.1 and L1.2.

L1.x sub-state testing presents a unique but crucial challenge for producers of NVMe devices destined for use in battery powered devices such as tablets and laptops. These devices will greatly benefit from the new power sub-states which trade a little PCIe latency for the lowest possible power consumption.

The fundamental difference with respect to L1.x sub-states is the use of an out-of-band signal to indicate to the device to "wake back up". The use of an out-of-band signal allows the device to achieve a near zero power consumption state by powering down its transceivers completely and monitoring only the level of the CLKREQ# out-of-band signal.

Want to learn more? Download our free white paper.

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