storage, networking and multifunction board level solutions for embedded systems

Embedded Products and Services

SANBlaze is a leading provider of storage, networking and multifunction board level solutions for embedded systems, delivering high performance, enterprise technologies to the embedded computing market.

ATCA, AMC, PMC and cPCI board level storage solutions

Embedded Products and Services

A large selection of off the shelf solutions, as well as services that include custom board design, systems integration and OEM branding provide customers with a single source for their embedded computing requirements.

storage area network emulation technologies

Storage Emulation

SANBlaze is a pioneer in Storage Area Network emulation technologies. Target and Initiator emulation solutions let storage developers, test and QA engineers simulate thousands of test case and performance environments at a fraction of the cost of “real” devices.

SAN target and initiator emulation systems

Storage Emulation

SANBlaze products include the VirtuaLUN and GargantuLUN family of SAN target and initiator emulation systems available for Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI and SAS. Solutions are available in preconfigured, high performance systems or as software.

Storage Emulation

Products that emulate
storage devices and hosts
for the design, test and verification of SAN products

Embedded Products

Storage, networking and compute products, platforms and services for embedded computing applications

SANBlaze Customers

ATCA Summit Best in Show
Sun Oracle
Air Force

What's New

SANBlaze announces new AdvancedMC (AMC) Video module

New module features: PCIe 2D Video, Dual VGA, Dual DVI

SANBlaze announces AdvancedMC (AMC) module integrating SAS, SATA, or SSD storage into systems

The SB-AMC71 is the second generation of the PCI-e based disk module, adding support over prior modules for PCI-E Gen 2 connectivity as well as SAS 6.0 gb/s.

SANBlaze Announces 6G SAS Expander Rear Transition Module featuring two removable SAS, SATA or SSD Disks

--New SANBlaze RTM features: 6G SAS Expander, with 2 SAS, SATA or SSD Disks

What We Do

SANBlaze is a pioneer in storage emulation technologies and a leading provider of storage, networking and multifunction solutions for embedded computing systems. SANBlaze emulation systems are deployed in the test and development labs of most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide. SANBlaze embedded computing products include a complete line of AdvancedTCA storage, networking and compute blades, multifunction RTMs and AMC storage and networking controllers and modules.  Additionally, SANBlaze provides fully configured and integrated AdvancedTCA systems and services.