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SANBlaze Announces Gen5 Desktop NVMe Test System

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LITTLETON, MASS. Thursday June 02, 2022. SANBlaze unveils SBExpress-DT5, a complete turnkey PCIe® Gen5 NVMe SSD validation test system that works in conjunction with our industry-leading Certified by SANBlaze automated testing, bringing Enterprise Class NVMe validation right to the developer's desktop.

Leveraging the industry leading SBExpress-RM5 Gen5 NVMe test system technology, SBExpress-DT5 is a self-contained system, quiet and portable, perfect for a work-from-home environment or traveling to customer sites or satellite offices.

The SBExpress-DT5 is the sixth generation SBExpress system and is both evolutionary, growing from its successful family of predecessors, and revolutionary with advanced test capabilities such as Vendor Defined Messaging (VDM) testing, MI over PCIe and in-band and SMBUS testing at 1MHz.  All features of the enterprise test suite Certified by SANBlaze are supported by DT5 at Gen5 PCIe speed. 


DT5 Mock Up-3 (003) - from Joanna.png

SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5 PCI NVMe Test System

(This photo is a representation only; the final product may look slightly different)

SBExpress-DT5 employs the SANBlaze riser technology and uses the same set of NVMe Gen5 risers as the 16-drive RM5 (rackmount) system.  All SANBlaze risers are capable of single and dual port operation and can switch on the fly under software control.  Risers are available for all NVMe form factors at Gen5 speed, including:

  • U.2 / U.3 Single/Dual Port

  • EDSFF in all form factors including

    • E3 - All widths

    • E1 - Short, Long, Asymmetric

SBExpress-DT5 supports Enterprise Class testing at PCIe Gen5 speed, including:

  • Certified by SANBlaze test suite with automated report generation and performance plotting

  • L1.1 and L1.2 Low Power State testing with CLKREQ monitor

  • Vendor Defined Message (VDM) testing

  • SRIOV and multi-root testing

  • SMBUS testing up to 1MHz

  • MI/MCTP testing over SMBUS, VDM and in-band transports

  • Power On/Off testing under SW control, all devices

  • Clock disable testing to all devices

  • Hardware PERST testing to all devices

  • Single/Dual port testing "on the fly" under software control

  • SRIS/SRNS and SSC advanced clock mode testing (see our whitepaper)

  • Power monitoring of each device under test

  • Full Gen5 bandwidth (x4 Gen5) to each riser and x16 Gen5 to root complex

  • Remote system control for power up/down/reset

  • Gen5 x 16 "Top Slot" for PCIe Add-In Card (AIC) testing (e.g., FPGA or PCIe Analyzer)

The SBExpress-DT5 proves useful for a wide variety of roles, including firmware teams, manufacturing teams, development engineers, systems engineers, and field application engineers.

APIs are available in Python for full system control and integration into corporate test infrastructure.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with SerialTek’s Kodiak PCIe Gen5 analysis system, the SBExpress-DT5 becomes a full test, debug, and analysis platform for your Gen5 devices in a very small footprint.

Pair the SBExpress-DT5 with the Kodiak analyzer for even more power!


SANBlaze SBExpress-DT5 and SerialTek Kodiak Analyzer

Analysis can be automated with built-in triggering when an error occurs leading to much quicker and more accurate problem resolution as described in the white paper Triggering a PCIe Analyzer from your SBExpress system

Contact SANBlaze Sales to learn more.




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