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Complex vs. Simple SSD Testing

By: Patty Brogdon | Nov 25, 2019 |SANBlaze

When testing NVMe SSDs, some customers like to perform complex testing, tweaking multiple variables to create a variety of real-life scenarios that could potentially be replicated out in the field. For these customers, it is important to be able to control individual options in order to complete complex testing to validate their SSDs.

Conversely, other customers want to run basic NVMe testing to ensure they comply with various specifications. For these customers, the testing process is greatly simplified using SANBlaze's pre-made scripts.

Whether you want to perform complex testing or testing that requires minimal tweaking of parameters and options, it is beneficial to learn and know what is "under the hood" when using SANBlaze. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes of simplified scripting can help you realize the potential of your testing and possibly save you many Qual hours in the process.

Download our new white paper to learn how to perform validation testing using NVM Compare. Understanding this process will enable you to use any SANBlaze NVMe command in the same manner - determining support in your drive for the command, running the command, checking the output, deciding if there needs to be a re-run, and viewing the output in the log files. Understanding what happens "under the hood" is useful to see the power of SANBlaze and how we can help you test your NVMe drives in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

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