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Radian Passes Certified by SANBlaze ZNS Compliance Testing

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Reposted with permission from Radian Memory Systems

Sept. 2, 2020

Radian's ZNS SSD first to pass Zoned Namespaces compliance testing

CALABASAS, Calif., Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Radian Memory Systems®, Inc. announces that the RMS-350 ZNS SSD is the industry's first SSD to successfully pass functional compliance with a 3rd party test suite for the NVM Express™ Zoned Namespaces Command Set.

SANBlaze Technology, Inc., a leading provider of storage protocol verification equipment and industry standard specification compliance test suites, has successfully completed verification of the RMS-350 ZNS SSD utilizing their test suite for the NVM Express ZNS Command Set  1.0 specification, ratified Technical Proposal 4053.

Vince Asbridge, President of SANBlaze Technology, Inc., said "Utilizing the SANBlaze SBExpress NVMe platform, Radian's RMS-350 ZNS SSD is the first ZNS SSD to successfully pass our test suite for the NVM Express TP 4053 specification for Zoned Namespaces.  This included over 70 different tests verifying operations such as zone namespace identification, zone management send & receive, zone append, and numerous tests around state transitions, zone alignment and address boundary crossings."

These ZNS tests are in addition to the Radian RMS-350 successfully completing a JESD®218/219 Qualification and receiving PCI-Sig® certification for interoperability compliance.

RMS-350 SSDs that are compliant with this NVMe ZNS specification are now available to OEMs, cloud providers, and select development partners for evaluation.

Radian is the pioneer of Cooperative Flash Management (CFM), the industry's first architecture to partition Flash management functionality by assigning data placement, garbage collection, and scheduling responsibilities to the host while assigning media management such as wear leveling, NAND maintenance, and error handling to the device.  Demonstrating the first CFM NVMe SSD in 2014, the company publicly announced its Symphonic™ CFM implementation in 2015, winning the FMS award for Most Innovative Technology.  Also in 2015, the company introduced the industry to the concept of CFM with zoned Flash at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference and, in January 2018, shipped the first NVMe SSD to use zone commands such as Zone Report and Zone Reset.

About Radian Memory Systems

Radian Memory Systems, Inc. develops technology and products that target system OEMs, cloud providers, and licensing to device manufacturers.  Founded in 2010, thousands of the company's NVMe storage devices have been successfully deployed in data center applications by some of the industry's largest OEMs. 

To learn more about Radian Memory Systems contact the company at (U.S.) 818 222 4080,, or visit

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SOURCE Radian Memory Systems, Inc.

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