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T10 DIF/DIX Verification – New White Paper

By: Patty Brogdon | May 26, 2021 | SANBlaze

DIF (Data Integrity Field) and DIX (Data Integrity Extension) are approaches to protect data integrity in computer data storage from data corruption. It was proposed in 2003 by the T10 subcommittee of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards. An evolution of this technology called PI (Protection Information) was introduced by 2012. A similar approach for data integrity was added in 2016 to the NVMe 1.2.1 specification.

The primary difference between DIF and DIX s the location of the protection information. In DIF, the PI (Protection Information) is contiguous with the logical block data and creates an extended logical block, while in DIX, the PI (Protection Information) is stored in a separate buffer. The end-to-end data protection mechanism defined by this specification is functionally compatible with both DIF and DIX.

To learn more about T10 DIF/DIX verification, download SANBlaze's new (free) white paper.

For further information, please contact SANBlaze sales at:

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