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SANBlaze Announces Comprehensive Python
API for SBExpress NVMe Test System


SANBlaze, May 12, 2021. Littleton, Mass. SANBlaze is pleased to announce the addition of a comprehensive Python Application Programming Interface (API) for our SBExpress NVMe test system which makes integration of the SANBlaze system into an existing test infrastructure simple and streamlined.


Many corporations have built their test infrastructures around Python because of the ease-of-use and modularity of the Python scripting language. With the V8.2 release of the SBExpress NVMe test platform, SANBlaze provides a comprehensive Python API allowing for integration of the SBExpress system into existing test systems. The Python API integration provides a powerful base for creation of custom corporate test plans focusing on the customer's own needs for compliance and exception testing of new and existing NVMe products.


Supporting both Python2.x and Python3.x, the SANBlaze Python API can be integrated into your existing test system with minimal changes, and provide a powerful tool for NVMe validation.  Coupled with the SBExpress hardware and the Certified by SANBlaze test infrastructure, the Python API enables all features of the SBExpress system in your own test environment, such as performance, data integrity, and power testing; ZNS, VDM, Opal TCG testing; T10 DIF/DIX; and MI testing over SMBus, VDM, or Inband, and more.


Download our free Python white paper that provides an overview of setup and usage of the Python package available for use with the SANBlaze SBExpress NVMe SSD test system.

The Python APIs are now available to all of our customers with the V8.2 released code. For further information, please contact SANBlaze sales at:

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