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SANBlaze Announces V8.2 Software Release

LITTLETON, MASS. Tuesday March 23, 2021. SANBlaze is pleased to announce today its SBExpress Version 8.2 software release which provides NVMe SSD manufacturers the ability to test native NVMe PCIe devices as well as NVMe-oF™ (NVMe over Fabrics) devices. Version 8.2 builds on the Industry Standard SBCert (Certified by SANBlaze) NVMe qualification platform adding advanced automated testing features (including ZNS, VDM, TCG, OPAL, Ruby, XML, and Python Support) and an entire array of new reporting features that reduce testing time and shorten time-to-market for its customers.

Enhanced reporting makes all data available and is interactive – you can view summary or details of a report, test, or group of tests and can drill down to view test type, such as failed or skipped tests for example. Reports are generated automatically each time a suite of tests are finished, and test suites can be saved to use later. Groups of tests can now be run in “loops” by simply setting the loop count.

“Advanced NVMe features such as stop-on-error control, MI enhancements, and testing on multiple namespaces, plus Fabric Performance Impact Notifications (FPIN) and first burst/fast burst support for Fibre Channel make this a robust release that our customers have embraced and appreciated,” said Vince Asbridge, President, SANBlaze. “Updating our IO Program for PRP and SGL and adding the ability to add your own options to IO, along with our robust and enhanced reporting and features previously mentioned, provide our customers with a complete arsenal of testing tools in this release.”

“We are very pleased to announce our V8.2 SBExpress software release as it addresses the specific needs of our customers,” said Rick Walsh, VP Sales and Marketing, SANBlaze. “Our ability to respond to our customers by continuing to enhance our software feature set to their real-world testing scenarios, along with our highly responsive technical support team, continues to set us apart from our competitors.”

For more information on SANBlaze’s latest features, you can contact SANBlaze directly or download the following white papers to learn more:


Testing NVMe-MI over PCIe VDM

Python Support for Verifying NVMe SSDs

Verification of ZNS
Verification of TCG Opal SSC

You can view all of our white papers here.

About SANBlaze

​SANBlaze is a pioneer in storage testing and validation technologies. SANBlaze systems are deployed in the test and development labs of most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide.

​SANBlaze is revolutionizing the SAN and Device Driver markets by offering NVMe testing end-to-end. We are first to market a solution that tests Native NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) for complete end-to-end testing of your entire system using single port or dual port drives.

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