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Full turnkey NVMe 2.5″ SSD validation test system


SBExpress-RM  (Rackmount Gen3) System

The SANBlaze SBExpress-RM is a complete turnkey PCIe Gen 3 NVMe SSD validation test system. The SBExpress-RM  feature set provides unique functions applicable to all aspects of a product lifecycle, from development and QA, to design validation and manufacturing test cycles.  

The ability to drive NVMe SSDs with a wide range of configurable attributes provides engineers with a flexible, multi-controller supported validation test platform.
Development, qualification, and certification test cycles can be highly automated, thus reducing overall test time, and rapidly surfacing errors and non-conformance.

The SANBlaze SBExpress-RM hardware provides a rackmount chassis with sixteen dual or single port front-accessible drives. The hardware can be easily daisy chained for maximum scalability.

S O F T W A R E  F E A T U R E S

  • Test coverage for all aspects of the 1.3 Version NVMe specification UNH

  • NVMe-MI (Management Interface) testing over SMBus

  • Conformance Test Suite 7.0 with Dual Port drive support SGL, SR-IOV, full namespace control and reservations

  • Drive multiple ports of traffic simultaneously


S Y S T E M  F E A T U R E S

  • Read / write / compare testing

  • Error injection

  • Custom command builder

  • Drive and test single or multiple NVMe target devices

  • Send specific or custom op codes in an easy to use scriptable format

  • ​Sixteen drives, all front accessible

  • All sixteen drives can be single or dual port

  • Risers are field replaceable

  • Ability to power on/off drives

  • Measure voltage and power at each drive

  • Systems can be "daisy chained" up to 32 drives per host connection 

  • A single SANBlaze host can support up to 64 drives under test (see Lowest Cost per Drive below)

  • Excellent thermal design with  unobstructed air flow 
  • Six fans, all independently speed controlled 
  • Eight temperature monitor points
  • Thermal Chamber Testing 
  • Voltage margining +/- 15% 
  • Hot plug, slot power, and drive presence under software control

T H E R M A L  C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

Version            Temperature Rating      

Commercial              -5C to 45C                                  

Industrial                   -5C to 75C                                 

A B I L I T Y  T O  S C A L E

Basic Configuration

(16 Drives)

Scale with two SBExpress-RMs

(32 Drives)

All information is subject to change. Configurations rely on host system BIOS support and may be restricted by the host. Contact SANBlaze for additional information.

S B E x p r e s s  O v e r v i e w

An introduction to the capabilities of the SBExpress full turnkey NVMe 2.5″ SSD validation test system.