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The World's Most Comprehensive ZNS Test Platform Gets a Major Update

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LITTLETON, MASS. Thursday June 15, 2021. SANBlaze is pleased to announce today a major enhancement to their comprehensive ZNS test suite for NVMe storage devices. Working with one of the industry-leading ZNS SSD vendors, SANBlaze has doubled its ZNS tests from 105 to over 200, and then added more than 200 negative test cases as well to make it the only ZNS testing vendor to provide all-inclusive comprehensive ZNS testing.


“Operating under the Certified by SANBlaze test framework, our enhanced ZNS suite provides compliance, functional and "negative" test cases ensuring specification compliance, functionality and completeness of your ZNS implementation, or verifies the ZNS functionality of your NVMe drive vendor's ZNS implementation,” said Vince Asbridge, President of SANBlaze.

What is ZNS for NVMe?


Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) was established by the NVMe Technical Work Group to improve the performance of SSDs in applications for hyper-scalers, all-flash array vendors, and large storage system vendors.  


Zoned NameSpace (ZNS) technology allows for dividing the physical storage media into logical zones governed by the NVMe ZNS specification and is a critical part of the recently ratified NVMe V2.0 specification.  ZNS allows optimization of the host's file system to take advantage of NVMe storage behavior within defined zones and therefore allows optimization of the host file systems to take advantage of the predictability of the IO subsystem matching the specific needs of the given file system.


File systems currently supporting ZNS include F2FS, Btrfs, ZFS, and XFS starting with the Linux V4.9 Kernel, and is being driven by major NVMe datacenter customers due to the optimization for archival storage and I/O predictability.

The Certified by SANBlaze ZNS solution

Combined with the Certified by SANBlaze test system, the enhanced ZNS qualification test suite contributes to the nearly 1,000 test and negative test cases, providing a "One Button" built-in qualification suite.  Certified by SANBlaze presents a detailed pass/fail report for each test cycle for easy management of results.


Contact SANBlaze for details on enhanced ZNS qualification in the V8.3 software release, and our SBExpress line of NVMe test tools. For more information, download our ZNS white paper and check out our blog.

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