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SANBlaze Releases iRiser5 Patented Device

Updated: Mar 27

Starting with 10.7 Beta 2 software, SANBlaze is pleased to announce the first official support of iRiser5, a patented precision test tool enhancing the capabilities of the SBExpress-RM5 and SBExpress-DT5 PCIe Gen5 NVMe test systems. 

iRiser5 allows "make/break" control of NVMe sideband signals such as PERST and Clocks with 80nS accuracy and 100% repeatability. Precision control of PCIe signals is also supported allowing for complex test scenarios emulating disabled and intermittent PCIe lanes with lane glitching down to 10nS. 

Version 10.7 Beta2 software includes Command Line (CLI) support of iRiser5 including sequencer control and editing of complex action sequences. Future software releases will extend iRiser5 capabilities with web integration and power measurement at up to 1M samples per second. 

See our full press release here.

Download our iRiser5 Data Sheet from our data sheet page located here.

Contact SANBlaze for iRiser5 availability and additional specifications.

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